What Kind of Tools does Locksmiths Use?

Everyone knows about the types of services offered by locksmiths in Melbourne, Australia, but a few people have knowledge about the tools and equipment used by them. Every locksmith needs a set of tools to tackle lockouts, broken keys and lock replacement. His tools must be up to date and in good condition to offer quality services.

A variety of tools help locksmiths to easily and quickly pick locks. Here are some of the important tools used by a locksmith to perform different types of jobs:

Hook Pick-

This is the most common tool used by almost all locksmiths to pick any lock. It is also known as a feeler. There are different kinds of hook picks designed for different size of the locks. They usually come in kits in a large variety of sizes.

Slim Jim-

Also known as slim shim, is an important tool to provide mobile locksmith services. This is used to unlock car doors without the use of keys. Most professional locksmiths use this tool on a daily basis. It is placed between the window and the rubber coating to unlock the door.

Key Duplication Machinery-

Every known locksmith carries complex and custom built key duplication machinery. It is used to build a new car or house keys within minutes. They also carry laser key cutting machinery to match the existing key with the new one.

jackknife Pick-

It is a small tool that has 4-5 useful picks. It can be used to pick simple locks These picks are best to pick household locks, like locks on the bedroom or bathroom. A jackknife has a number of extensions that allow it to work on different types of interior mechanisms.

Bolt Cutter-

It is ideal for cutting locks that have been jammed. It comes in handy when you have to open a padlock or a chain to access a closed property. It has to be carefully used as it can damage items.

Torsion Wrenches-

To successfully pick most locks, a torsion wrench must be used. It helps to keep all the pins in place after they have been lifted from the lock. It is also helpful in allowing the lock to be fully opened.

Bump Key-

It is used to open many simple locks. While, a skeleton key is used to open warded locks.

These are just a few of the tools that a locksmith uses in Melbourne, Australia. Locksmiths usually carry a belt with various wrenches, lock picking devices and power tools.

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