Types Of Locks For Your Home

So you’ve moved into a new home, or worse, there has been robbery. Now is the time to look for a new lock for your home. But which lock is the best for you? And which is going to make the difference? As experts in all forms of locks, we got the types of home locks for you and which is going to make the difference for your home.


The classic option which features in many homes throughout Melbourne. This is a simple key and entry lock in which you get require to open and close it with a key. There are three options, including single, double and lockable thumbturn. Each one of these has another level of security on top of it.

Jimmy Proof Deadlocks

These types of locks are great. These types of internal locks are great for creating extra protection for your home. This will help your nerves when it comes to securing your home in the long run.

Knob Locks

The classic lock when it comes to home locks. While convenient and easy to use, the problem with the lock is that cylinder locks the actually lock, and not the door itself.

Rim Latch Locks

This type of lock will auto lock behind you and are very popular for apartments across Melbourne. While they are provide that extra lock, they are not strong enough to withstand heavy force in the long-run.

Electronic Locks

The most modern and advanced system out there. Electronic locks are very popular for more modern homes, but they are expensive to install, despite the extra layer of security that it adds to home.

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